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Nowadays I'm pretty much focused on stuff running in a browser. That means I mainly work with JavaScript, CSS and HTML. I used to do a lot of PHP back in the days, I even worked on Smarty for a while. I used to be great with databases (mostly MySQL and PostGreSQL). The last decade has also seen some Java and Python. But ever since I had to focus on browser related things in 2008 I was hooked on all things front end. (Well, everything except for design - I suck at visual design.)

I studied Information Engineering at the University of Constance for three years. I didn't make the degree because I was too busy working on too many side projects. Most of them aren't even online anymore, so, you know, whatever.

I ran a small web shop from 2008 till 2011. We shut things down after we sold our grande project. In 2013 the Deutsche Telekom decided to pull me out of freelancing and gave me a "proper job". You know, one with a desk, a title and a business card. I'm working on Qivicon - a home automation solution. Specfically on the web UI components to configure and control various devices in one's house.