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Commercial Projects

I've been working on few large and time consuming projects, rather than many small things. has gotten the bulk of my time and resources in the past years. I did the architecture of the software and was involved in the system architecture and customer support. I worked with PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Actionscript. Used MySQL, PostGreSQL, memcache, gearman, sphinx, OpenLDAP, InspIRC and ejabberd. and are website relaunch projects I consulted on. (the web application) also received quite some attention. I architected and implemented the application - from flexible data handling tools to worklfow guidance, automatic visual analytics. Integrating a whole bunch of foreign systems (MS Office, to name something well known). I worked with PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Java. Used PostGreSQL, mdb, memcache, ActiveDirectory, MS Office (read-write from WebApp), and a whole bunch of (business intelligence) tools you probably won't know anyways.'s front end was implemented by @derSchepp and me. and are platforms I did consulting work for., a system somewhat like eventbrite was built by trainees under my supervision. is one of the few actual (small and simple) websites I built.