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Meet The Beat - Annual Rock OpenAir in Lottstetten

I was (heavily) involved in Meet The Beat - OpenAir Lottstetten. Next to avoiding the maintenance of the website, I'm the origanization's cashier. And one of the transportation gurus.

I joined the team in 2003 and left 2013. I was thrown right into the financial part of the event. Not that I had any expertise in counting bills, it's just what no one else cared to do.

In 2003 we started building the stage. It's a wooden construct architected by ourselves and perfected by a company that actually knew what they were doing. From chopping the trees to raising the beams everything's been done by our team. A mobile lumber mill some tractors and wheel loaders as well as a small crane came in quite handy. And they were lots of fun to operate, too.

Speaking of heavy machinery. That was one of my duties, too. Most transportation requiring a tractor or wheel loaders were my thimg. And yes, I was having lots and lots of fun, even if those machines only go 25 Km/h.

There's more information on the organization and the event on Understanding German might help you with that website, though.

Snowboarding - I can fly so high - I can fall so deep …

Yeah, I'd really love to show you some cool picture of me flying through the air. But. Such a picture does not exist. Why you ask? Well, for one it was usually me taking the pictures. And… I don't really fly through the air. Have your wrist broken doing some bullshit backflip? Ever tried that stuff again? No? There you have it… ☺ I stopped having fun in 2008.